BT Powerball II

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BT Powerball II

BT Powerball II

What you'll get

This pack is based on a ENGL© Powerball II Head, no compromise, ultra low end, versatile rock & metal amp. 4 channels lead to where no ENGL© amp has gone before.
We used a 4x12" ENGL© cabinet close back E412VS Pro, loaded with Celestion© V30 from England.

Microphones: Shure© SM57 (dynamic) and Royer© 122 (ribbon, from '80s)

Preamp and Eq: Neve© 1073 – Api 3124+

Content: Pure Amp

Every profile has been refined to offer the best ready-to-use experience, without nasty surprises in a mix (studio or live) contest. You will also find a pre-selection of tweaked blocks (Comp, Eq, Drive, Mod, Delay, Reverb) in every rig and also a performance/preset that will let you be ready to play a song from clean to lead.

What you'll get

Included in this pack:

KEMPER: 10 Studio Profiles and 1 Performance.

QUAD CORTEX: 10 Captures.

TONEX: 10Tone Models

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