BT MZero Overdrive

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BT MZero Overdrive

BT MZero Overdrive

What you'll get

This official pack is based on a Mezzabarba MZero Overdrive, truly a 2 channel monster that covers all tones from a sparkling clear clean with amazing dynamics to a powerful crunch all the way through impressive distortion that is dripping wet with rich harmonics while maintaining body and definition with a knockout punch.

Channel 1 (Drive): From a pure and elegant clean to a very punchy british crunch, thanks to the Boost and Bright switches.
Channel 2 (Overdrive): The holy grail of tube driven overdrive: hot, harmonically rich with impressive presence and punch even in extreme distortion.

The pack includes Full Stack profiles and D.I. profiles for Quad Cortex, Tonex and Kemper. It includes D.I. profiles only for NAM (Neural Amp Modeler). 

Each pack includes 4 Custom IRs created during the profiling session. The 'A' IR exactly matches the miking chosen for that session.

We teamed up with Pierangelo Mezzabarba himself to choose his favorite settings and create the only official MZero Overdrive pack approved by the company.

Cabinet: 4x12" Mezzabarba MZero '69 Cab loaded with Celestion© Greenback G12M20 Heritage.
Microphone: Shure© SM57 (dynamic)
Preamp and Eq: Api© 3124+
Content: Pure Amp, D.I. and Custom IRs.

Every profile has been refined to offer the best ready-to-use experience, without nasty surprises in a mix (studio or live) contest. You will also find a pre-selection of tweaked blocks (Comp, Eq, Drive, Mod, Delay, Reverb) in every rig and also a Performance/Preset that will let you be ready to play a song from clean to lead.

What you'll get

Included in this pack:

KEMPER: 18 Studio Profiles, 18Direct Profiles and 1 Performance. Also including 4 Custom IRs from the profiling session.

QUAD CORTEX: 18 Full Stack Captures and 18D.I. Captures. Also including 4 Custom IRs from the profiling session.

TONEX: 18 Full Stack Tone Models and 18D.I. Captures. Also including 4 Custom IRs from the profiling session.

NAM: 18 D.I. Profiles and 4 Custom IRs from the profiling session

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