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BT Luke

BT Luke


Our BT Luke pack is your ticket to unlocking Steve Lukather's iconic sound, delivering meticulously crafted tones designed to perfectly capture the essence of some of Toto's legendary songs with uncompromised results.

Whether you're using a profiler or a modeler, we've carefully recreated Lukather's sound using profiles and custom IRs based on our real analog rigs in the studio.

The sounds you'll get are exactly what you hear in each of the devices demo videos, Mix-Ready Tones including custom FX routings to be able to instantly jump into: Africa (Clean), Georgy Porgy (Clean and Lead), Hold The Line (Rhythm), Rosanna (Lead), Stop Loving You (Rhythm), Girl Goodbye (Lead)


Compatible with FM3 (FW 7.00), FM9 (FM 6.00), AXE-FX III (FW 24.04)

  • 9 Scenes in 2 Presets
  • 2 Custom IRs
  • LowCPU version for FM3


  • 9 Scenes in 2 Presets
  • 6 BT Captures: BT Klon Centaur A, BT Ecstasy Green A Br, BT Ecstasy Blue C Br, BT Ecstasy Red A Br, BT SLO100 G, BT SLO100 H


Compatible with Floor, LT, Rack, Native

  • 9 Snapshots in 2 Presets
  • 2 Custom IRs



Compatible with Profiler and Stage

  • 9 Rigs in 2 Performances
  • 5 BT Profiles: BT Ecstasy Green A Br, BT Ecstasy Blue C Br, BT Ecstasy Red A Br, BT SLO100 G, BT SLO100 H



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