BT Eric Steckel

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BT Eric Steckel

BT Eric Steckel

What you'll get

This official pack is based on the Signature Mezzabarba Eric Steckel MZero Overdrive.

The pack includes Full Stack profiles and D.I. profiles for Quad Cortex, Tonex and Kemper. It includes D.I. profiles only for NAM (Neural Amp Modeler). 

Each pack includes 2 Custom IRs created during the profiling session. The '1' IR exactly matches the miking chosen for that session.

We teamed up with Eric Steckel himself to choose his favorite settings and create the only official Eric Steckel Tone Pack.

Cabinet: 4x12" Mezzabarba ES MZero '69 Cab loaded with Celestion© Greenback G12M20 Heritage.
Microphone: Shure© SM57 (dynamic)
Preamp and Eq: Api© 3124+
Content: Pure Amp, D.I. and Custom IRs.

“Road-tested and seasoned from 24 years on stage, Eric Steckel is a blues veteran at only 33 years of age. His big break came about at the age of 12 when Blues legend John Mayall invited Eric on tour with his band The Bluesbreakers and hired Eric to play lead guitar on his 2005 album. Since then, Eric has launched a successful solo career releasing 12 albums, developing signature guitars, pickups, & amps and touring in over 30 countries. Eric has shared the bill with Steve Vai, Gregg Allman, Johnny Winter, John Mayall, Ray Charles, Ace Frehley, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford among others and was voted #55 of "The 100 Greatest Blues Guitarists of All Time" by Total Guitar Magazine in March 2024 and one of “10 Future Blues Stars” by Guitar Player Magazine in 2021.”

What you'll get

Included in this pack:

KEMPER: 5 Studio Profiles, 5 Direct Profiles and 1 Performance. Also including 2 Custom IRs from the profiling session.

QUAD CORTEX: 5 Full Stack Captures and 5 D.I. Captures. Also including 2 Custom IRs from the profiling session.

TONEX: 5 Full Stack Tone Models and 5 D.I. Captures. Also including 2 Custom IRs from the profiling session.

NAM: 5 D.I. Profiles and 2 Custom IRs from the profiling session

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