BT Ciro Manna

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BT Ciro Manna

BT Ciro Manna

What you'll get

Ciro Manna is one of the most esteemed guitarists in the entire Italian music scene. Over the last decade, he has bolstered his reputation through skill, serving as a session musician alongside prominent artists, making countless appearances on well-known television shows and orchestras, engaging in significant teaching activities both online and offline, and, of course, through his personal artistic and discographic production.

Today, it can be confidently stated that Ciro is a reference point among the most renowned Masters of the six strings in Italy. Internationally, he is an artist held in high regard by distinguished colleagues with whom he has played (Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, Andy Timmons, Simon Phillips, and many others) and by prestigious brands for whom he is an endorser.  Ciro has also been the official guitarist for the legendary Richard Bona's tour, with whom he has traveled around the world!

His pack is based on his signature DV Mark© CMT60 head going into a DV Mark 1x12" cabinet loaded with Eminence© Legend 125. Xotic BB Preamp, AC Booster and Bogner Wessex were used too to add some gain levels.


Microphone: Royer© R122 (ribbon), Shure© SM57 (dynamic). 

Preamp and Eq: Neve© 1073

Every profile has been refined to offer the best ready-to-use experience, without nasty surprises in a mix (studio or live) contest. You will also find a pre-selection of tweaked blocks (Comp, Eq, Drive, Mod, Delay, Reverb) in every rig and also a Performance that will let you be ready to play a song from clean to lead.

What you'll get

Included in this pack:

KEMPER: 4 Studio Profiles and 1 Performance.

QUAD CORTEX: 4 Captures.

TONEX: 4Tone Models

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